Altering the Zapruder Film

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This is image number 02. I'm not doing anything in sequence just throwing things up here for your perusal.The image on the left is a reconstituted Z256, as you can see when it comes to optical printing NOTHING and I mean *NOTHING* is sacred and that includes sprocket hole areas. I digress. The leftside image is in 4 elements, background, foreground and 2 mattes, male and female OR matte counter-matte. It appears normal (with the exception of cleaning up the lawn - look at the image on the same image on the right, you'll notice the background area has gotten smaller, hmmm how'd you do that on a optical printer you might ask. It's a very simple, actually the projector that has the background laced up on is moved in just a little, nothing else, just slide it in on it's guide rails and wallah,

Move proj #1 to the right and the background get's bigger, back to the left it get's smaller it can be done automatically over any number of frames you want in realtime OR the operator can control it one frame at a time. You might ask, how do they get this stuff lined up... that's simple too, there's a viewfinder at the side of the process camera just befor the shutter gate it show's ALL the elements in composite form (all put together to make up a single image i.e., one full frame such as you see in this graphic the viewfinder which is at the far right (follow the red line from Proj#1 to the Process Camera. A test for those interested ZAP 250, 251 and 252, put all 3 in sequential order (one on top of the other) rotate through them as quickly as you can (maybe 4 or 5 cycles, pay particular attention to the left side of the frame and notice the rear of the Limo rotate about 5 degrees around the y*axis in other words it swing a bit to the right-center.... this may be an entry point for a optical effect that is coming.... namely enlarging the grassy area for whatever reason was deemed important. What amazes me is this is 2nd year film school stuff, there's plenty of so-called experts on the otherside of the fence here that should know better.

You may also want to check out Raymond Fielding's The Technique of Special Effects Cinematography Hastings House 1965 Lib of Congress #64-8116 it's not at your usual bookstore but you'll probably find it at your neighborhood University Library.  

 Another one... the elements on the left make up the image on the right... 2 laced up bi-pack heads and there it is, add another projector head and we'll have enough to do some blood spray and a skull flap... that one won't come for 10 day's or so....   Not ALL frames in the Zap film have to be altered to get the desired effect. Which in my estimation was to cover up a massive exit wound at the rear of JFK's head. Best case scenario 120 frames needed changing (not including excised frames - which by the way is easier to accomplish than enlarging the background are of Zap256, that's done a on a step printer... but that's for another day.

I now understand why Oliver Stone is so *villified* by the LN camp, He KNOW'S ... It's no more complicated than that ...
This is the last we'll see of Zap-256 for awhile. It's a pain in the ass trying to find a way to present these elements in such a way that little or NO dialogue is needed. The main idea here is to display 4 seperate film elements (you'll notice I'm not using the term 8mm here - I'll deal with that a later) combined to make a *composite* image, soon I'll be displaying 6 elements.

Next, the primary graphics are completed for images regarding 8mm, Double 8mm Split, 16mm definitions. I'll follow the processing trail of the Zapruder Film in Dallas that day. This isn't going to be minute by minute account, it'll be general so the novices like myself can really get a handle on the *film* chain of event's immediately after the shooting.

I'll be expressing personal opinion[s] and raising issues that deal with the Zavada Report also. After the processing trail and film definitions are completed, I'll then attempt to take some of the voodoo out of film editing AND printing. I'm sure there are quite a few of you folks that already know this information, again, this is for the uninitiated and quite frankly, ME! (continued)