Altering the Zapruder Film

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The deed in Dallas has been done, history has been made, now we've got to *develop* the history. Zapruder's camera is on the left (picture is from NARA), the magazine above and to the right of the camera -- holds the film for the camera (from Zavada - I think)

No.1 is a depection of standard 8mm film, the standard roll is 50' long and lives on a spool. In general you'd have to load the film in a dark area and correctly thread the film up, on some camera make and model's this is an automatic threading process. Can things can go wrong? Yes most certainly, and they do, but after you do this a few times it does get easier. When your through shooting the 50' of film, it's back to a darkroom or other dark place, maybe a camera bag to remove the exposed film and send for processing.

No.2 is a bit more confusing, in it's FINAL form it's 8mm but as the depection show's, it's in it's current Double 8mm (16mm) Split configuration. What's Double 8mm (16mm)? It's actually the same kind of film but with a twist.

See the top frame in #1, with an *A* in it? That's a *single* frame of 8mm film, it's entire frame width is 8mm. In number #2 look at the top red and blue frame, these 2 8mm frames side-by-side represent a total of 16mm size in width. Because you've got *2* 8mm frames side by side it's called DOUBLE 8mm, and because the total width measures out to 16mm, that's where the film description DOUBLE 8mm Split(16mm) comes from.The Double 8mm film in the magazine is 25' long (plus a few extra). When the 25' has been exposed, you pop out the magazine, turn it over, put it back in, windup and shoot for another 25' when that's done, pop the magazine out and send the film magazine to the processor. Bingo - no more dark and dirty places to load film ... (tsk-tsk)

We'll deal with the Dallas film processing next and that's where the *Split* angle will be defined and start down the road on HOW this Double 8mm Split film becomes (physically) the infamous 8mm Zapruder film

After the assassination it appears Zapruder used some common sense by leaving the film in the camera. When Zapruder and Associatesshowed up at Kodak-Dallas,Tx. front door, Phil Chamberlin and Richard Blair (both of Dallas - Kodak) cite that was when the film was removed from the camera (Zavada 3a.pdf). I'm assuming here it was STILL in it's Double 8mm Split format, based on what I've read, it WAS.

The film was then processed (developed) at Kodak - Dallas in the Double 8mm - 16mm width config. Of course ALL interested parties waited around, none of this drop it off and we'll call you when it's ready stuff. The developed Zapruder Double 8mm filmstrip was given Kodak perforation ID #0183, I believe the perf # is located at the headend of the film.

Zapruder ALSO wanted 3 copies (at whose request? His? I hardly believe that BullShit) in the Double 8mm-16mm width config - he was told by Kodak - Dallas Chamberlin, nope, not here, it'll have to go to Kodak - Rochester, NY. No one was going to stand for that, so, Kodak-Dallas Pat Pattist contacted Jamieson Film Co of Dallas and made arrangement for them (Jamieson) to do the 3 copies of Zapruder Double 8mm Split. (I want to explain something here, making copies of a motion picture film, means in it's purist form one thing and one thing only: *Optical Printing*, I don't care how many copies -- they're optically printed 1 at a time, in THIS case using the Camera Original Double 8mm Split 16mm width as the NON-destructive
Optical Print [I'll define the NON dest... stuff later]

Jamieson Film Company agreed to do the deed, they had handy a 2-or-3 Optical Printer (you've seen one of these here shown in graphics earlier) with a 16mm width gate assembly for the Zapruder Double 8mm Split 16mm. SO, we can do ALL this right here in Dallas. And they DID. Dallas - Kodak - Blair provided Zapruder with 3 rolls of Kodacolor II Type A camera original film to be used for PRINT stock ...

So now the Zapruder camera original is in the hands of Jamieson Film Company, Dall Tx. (the company does not exist by the way , did up till '98 anyway) of course Zapruder and associates are ALL right there ...