Altering the Zapruder Film

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Now that we've got the film magazine/film reel issue cleared up (thanks again to Phil) let's move on.

After the assassination it appears Zapruder used some common sense by leaving the film in the camera. When Zapruder and Associates showed up at Kodak-Dallas,Tx. front door, Phil Chamberlin and Richard Blair (both of Dallas - Kodak) cite that was when the film was removed from the camera (Zavada 3a.pdf). I'm assuming here it was STILL in it's Double 8mm Split format, based on what I've read, it WAS.

The film was then processed (developed) at Kodak - Dallas in the Double 8mm - 16mm width config. Of course ALL interested parties waited around, none of this drop it off and we'll call you when it's ready stuff. The developed Zapruder Double 8mm filmstrip was given Kodak perforation ID #0183, I believe the perf # is located at the headend of the film.

Zapruder ALSO wanted 3 copies (at whose request? His? I hardly believe that BullShit) in the Double 8mm-16mm width config - he was told by Kodak - Dallas Chamberlin, nope, not here, it'll have to go to Kodak - Rochester, NY. No one was going to stand for that, so, Kodak-Dallas Pat Pattist contacted Jamieson Film Co of Dallas and made arrangement for them (Jamieson) to do the 3 copies of Zapruder Double 8mm Split.

(I want to explain something here, making copies of a motion picture film, means in it's purist form one thing and one thing only: *Optical Printing*, I don't care how many copies -- they're optically printed 1 at a time, in THIS case using the Camera Original Double 8mm Split 16mm width as the NON-destructive Optical Print [I'll define the NON dest... stuff later]
Jamieson agreed to do the deed, they had handy a 3 head Optical Printer (you've seen one of these here shown in graphics earlier) with a 16mm width gate assembly for the Zapruder Double 8mm Split 16mm. SO, we can do ALL this right here in Dallas. And they DID.

Dallas - Kodak - Blair provided Zapruder with 3 rolls of Kodacolr II Type A camera film to be used for PRINT stock ...

So now the Zapruder camera original is in the hands of Jamieson Film Company, Dall Tx. (the company still exists by the way - pretty sure it does, did up till '98 anyway) of course Zapruder and associates are ALL right there ...

Well everyones here -- Jamieson Film Company, Dallas. The whole megallah, all these people. I know, I know it's the *chain of evidence* stuff, amazing how serious they took the film, would of been nice if the authorities took the same care with the other evidence but I digress...

The Double 8mm_unSplit processed Zapruder Film Kodak perf #0183 has arrived at Jamieson, 3 (Three) prints were struck and *NOT* processed at Jamieson. I've got a few, what I consider important questions here:

1) WHY only 3 (Three) copies? Why not 5, 6, 8, 10?

2) Little housekeeping here -- What happened to Kodak #0184?

I understand Kodak-Dallas did free processing for any assassination related photo's that day[s], so IF the perf. number was assigned to someone else's film, who and what film was it? Well, it's time for the parade to move back to Kodak - Dallas for processing the 3 - optical prints of the Zapruder Double 8mm_unsplit 16mm width camera original. The un-processed prints are processed perforation numbers assigned ; 0185, 0186, 0187. I understand there's an affidavit signed somewhere that there was problems with one of these numbers, I believe it was 0187, if someone knows please jump on in. At this time the Zap Double 8mm film and the Double 8mm 16mm width prints were compared, declared close enough for government work, next we're going to SPLIT the Double 8mm_Split 16mm width camera original.

(there's one thing I want to check, that's who got what as far as the optical prints went)

For old time argument sake; I posit 4(Four) optical print's were struck at Jamieson Film Company. BTW, where was Zapruder during this time? Maybe at the television station? This may create a fire storm in some circles, but then again it's only a theroy.
As an aside Roland Zavada's report ALSO cites; after further conversation with Jamieson Film Company the 3 optical prints of Zapruders Double 8mm_Split 16mm width were NOT created on Jamieson's 3 head optical printer, they were in fact created on a Jamieson's Bell & Howell Model J optical printer. How many people know B & H got an Academy Award for technical achievement in the creation of a COLOR optical printer for the film industry in 1962> These guy's are busssss -ey ( note: Anyone got a picture of the Model J? I can't get a copy of the Zavada addendum that has the manual and the operator's guide for this thing? )

I've been informed by a source that Roland Zavada is NOT a fan of Zapruder film alteration - editing time factors or some such. Nor is Mr. Jamieson. Mr. Jamieson's film facility in Dallas has evidently closed, possibly last year or 1999, but in any event closed. Thanks for the info ...

Okay we're back here at Kodak - Dallas, it's a couple of hours after the deed, the optical prints have been made and processed, NONE have been split, the Secret Service has blessed the prints in that they're good enough for their purposes, which is: Evidence of ther assassination and for making COPIES, which means theirs will be split at sometime. So what's left here with all this film business at Kodak Dallas, well let's SPLIT Zapruders film (the graphic is self explanatory)

It's done, I think the accompanying graphic is all the explanation anyone need to understand the results of splitting the Double 8mm film ...

note: Side A of the Zapruder film is what could be classified as "around the home filming" (there are a few affidavits (or film content notes) around regarding just what is on this A-side of the Double 8mm Split film, to the best of my knowledge nobody has ever seen that footage, nor the footage that precedes the assassination footage on Side-B (which maybe more than we think). 50 feet of the most viewed film footage in the history of film and nobody gives a shit what's on half of it, ... Incredible! When I find those affidavits or notes in the next few day's I'll post where you can find them. If memory serves me they are part of the Zavada addendum[s] attached to the final Zavada report.

Let's recap:

Zavada accidently films the assassination
Zavada and film taken to Kodak - Dallas - camera original film into the soup -------pref #0183
Zavada and film taken to Jamieson Film Co. Dallas for striking 3 Optical Prints
Zavada and film and Optical prints to Kodak - Dallas Optical prints into the soup --pref #0185, pref #0186, pref #0187
(time span = a few hours)

Secret Service satisfied with the prints
Zavada camera original Split

Secret Service left with Optical Print pref #0186 (at least)
Zavada left with pref #0183

? pref #0185 (who has it)
? pref #0187 (who has it)
? pref#0184 (out of sheer curiosity who has this one)

That about rounds this out, I'll get to the simple and NOT so simple optical film printing stuff next and how the basic printers work. You only have to remember one thing, forget all the esoteric bullshit and voodoo about film printing, the basic[s] are this: One (1) film projector (transmitting) aimed (by various means) into a film camera (recieving -- more commonly called a process camera). We'll make a few comparisons with your home VHS deck and camera ...