Assassination Research provides an international medium for discussion
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general public, the national and the international media, and the government.

All submissions will be subject to review. Emphasis will be given to the
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The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
The Warren Report
The Medical Evidence
The Autopsy
The Physical Evidence
The Photographic Evidence
The Zapruder Film
Eyewitness and Acoustical Reports
Means and Motives
The Role of the Media
Disinformation and Propaganda
The HSCA Inquiry
Political Assassination: Historical and Cultural Contexts
Assassination Art: Literature, Film, Theater, Visual Media
Assassination Scholarship and Analysis: Critical Overviews
Toward Truth and Justice


Peter Dale Scott, David W. Mantik, Noel Twyman, Stewart Galanor,
Michael Kurtz, Douglas Weldon, Vince Palamara, Ian Griggs,
Doug Horne, John Newman, Cyril H. Wecht