Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the two editors listed
below as an attached Microsoft Word document. 200-word abstracts that
describe the thesis of the paper should be provided as well.


Discursive notes should be kept to a minimum but numbered consecutively and
collected together as endnotes after the end of the text and prior to the
References. They usually include the name of the author, the title of his work
and its year of publication, and the specific pages numbers being cited. For example:

... as Richard Trask, Pictures of the Pain (1994), p. 45, observes ...

In his major study of the JFK assassination, Bloody Treason (1997),
Noel Twyman reports ...

Quotes of more than four lines in length should be indented
and conclude with a citation that identifies its source; thus:

This meant that the incontrovertible proofs in the photographs
had to be replaced by elaborate and invalid reenactments which,
in turn, had to be based upon inaccuracies, misinformation and
misrepresentation, which is what was done. (Weisberg, White-
1965, p. 51)

For other examples, see recent issues of Assassination Research.


References should be listed at the end of the article following the
Notes in alphabetical and chronological order. References to books
should include the author’s name; year of publication; title in full
in italics; volume number (if appropriate), with pages numbers
cited, if any. The following format should be used:

Twyman, N. (1997), Bloody Treason (Rancho Santa Fe, CA:
Laurel Publishing, 1997).

Mantik, D. W. (2000), “Paradoxes of the JFK Assassination: The
Medical Evidence Decoded,” in J. Fetzer, ed., Murder in
Dealey Plaza
(Chicago, IL: Open Court/Catfeet Press,
2000), pp. 219–297.

In the case of journals, the formatting requirements are similar:

Fetzer, J. H. (1998), Artful Deceptions and Other Fallacies: A Page
from Posner,
The Fourth Decade (January 1998), pp. 8–12.

Make sure the title of the journal consistently appears in italics.


Copyrights will be established in the name of each author published.


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